In short film ‘El Viento’, we are hearing a family story about the wind and the relationship of human beings with nature told by Carlos Vega. Carlos is the shaman / healer of an indigenous community named Coyo: A little village in Chile’s Atacama desert. In this village the rich Lickan Antai culture still flourishes. It is one of the oldest Andean cultures, full of rituals and ancient knowledge. In the Lickan Antai culture it is believed that everything in our universe has a soul or a spirit. That’s why they treat animals, mountains, rivers, stones and plants with as much respect as other human beings. The movie was recorded in April 2022 during a one month residency, while living and working in this community. Read more about this process and residency here.
Pre-viewing Barcelona (SP), Souvenir Gallery 20-8-22
Pre-viewing Paris (FR), Yellow Cube Gallery 14-9-22
1st screening, Mexico-City (MEX), Biophilia International Film Festival 4-11-22
2nd screening, Zaragoza (SP) Ecozine Film Festival 12-4-23
3rd screening, Amsterdam,  Life is Simple Event 18-4-23
4th screening, Amersfoort, KVE Gallery 16-3-23
Online screening: NOW
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