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During August and September of 2022 I went on a residency to Paris and Barcelona. I was chosen by the galleries to work on my current project in their spaces, and to take part in organised excursions through the cultural field of the cities. For this residency I had multiple goals: the first one was to work on sketches and stories from my previous residency in Chile and turn them into bigger pieces, explore the gallery world and do pre-viewings of the first version of my short-film El Viento.

Exhibition at Yellow Cube Gallery in Paris

In Barcelona I worked at Espai Souvenir, this space was provided by R.A.R.O Barcelona. My time here was very fruitful because I was able to experiment with different styles for my 'triptych' . 
During one of the pre-viewings in Barcelona I met an art collective called La Boberia. I went to meet them a couple days later in their collective house and we immediately started creating together. The house and its inhabitants had a very passionate, lively and welcoming vibe and I would love to come back there one day.
Portrait of Apolo and his mask
Portrait of Apolo and his mask
For the final exhibition I tried to find new ways to portray the stories surrounding my movie, to make them come together as one show.  This was the main focus in Paris (besides fun collaborations with local artists) In Paris I stayed at Open Bach Gallery were I worked on my first duo-show with other resident Adee Ardon. This duo-show took place in Yellow Cube Gallery and had a succesful outcome for me because some of my pieces were sold. Besides the duo-show I was also part of a group-show at Open Bach Gallery during this time.

Group-show at Open Bach Gallery

Collaboration with Parisian artist Lyyst

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