With Zut Mon Sac we were invited by Graphic Matters, 3seconds gallery and Breda Buiten to answer questions we’re all asking nowadays. What will society be like after corona? Will we go back to our previous ways, or have we learned from this crisis? We answered these questions in visual reflections on 24 posters.
This pop-up exhibition ‘Never waste a good crisis’ was be placed all across the parks (Boeimeerpark, Van Sonsbeeckpark, Zaartpark) of Breda the summer of 2021. 
My series of 3 posters is about my work as a part-time delivery driver at Takeaway (Thuisbezorgd) Due to curfew, people really depended on ordering food online, this is why Takeaway almost became the lifeline of the pandemic. I created 3 collages made of logo’s and snapshots I took during the workshifts.

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