On January 31, 2024 I was part of the art-auction we organised with Zut Mon Sac in collaboration with v.v. Eigen Belang at Home is the artist. All proceeds went to Stichting Veilig Thuis
Every artist had to make an interpretation of a poem by the poets of v.v. Eigen Belang. My work is based on  ‘Vrede op Middelaarde’ by Liek van Egmond.
Liek’s poem made me think of how, during the covid lockdown a few years ago, I could lose myself in movies and series, locking myself away in the house. Reality and fiction started to blend together. In the artwork, the house serves as a metaphor for my mind, where imagination begins to take on a life of its own
Series of tapestry designs
Collages and illustrations made to develop my personal style more. I was looking for different ways to combine geometrical elements and squares with collage.

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