Bas Steens (1996) is a multidisciplinary artist from The Netherlands whose focus is on telling stories with his work. Graduating with a project about the Death Valley desert, he kept thinking about the question: “What makes the desert so magical?” And became fascinated with desert stories. These stories often touch on bigger themes like the relation between humans and nature, climate change, myths, self reflection and ancient cultures. The way he adresses them often results in mixed media projects experimenting with collage, animation, sculpture, illustration etc.
I'm also part of art collective Zut Mon Sac, located in Breda (NL). With seven other artists from different disciplines we share a studio space and together we are developing exhibitions, publications, events, educational programmes etc. For more information you can visit our website or if you have questions feel free to send us an email via 
Nomination St. Joost Penning Prize August 2020 
Groupshow Kloecke Vrouwen by Graphic Matters and Pop Monument - November 2022
Groupshow in Paris (FR) at Open Bach Gallery - September 2022
Duo-show in Paris (FR) at Yellow Cube Gallery - September 2022
Groupshow ‘Nieuwe zonderlingen’ Tilburg (NL), Textielmuseum + NS16 August - September 2021
Pop-up Groupshow Graphic Matters ‘Never waste a good crisis’
Breda (NL)
June - September 2021
Graduation NOWSHOW Electron Breda (NL) October – November 2020
Groupshow ‘A Place Called Home’ New York (USA)
January 2020
Groupshow That Special Time Sexyland Amsterdam (NL)
October 2019
Groupshow Sticky Fingers Nieuwland, Gent (BE)
May 2018
Solo Exhibition Pop Up Art Tour Groningen & Tilburg (NL) December 2018 - April 2019
Mini-expo and workshop
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (NL) July 2018
Groupshow Kult and Ace 7 x 7 Gallery, Amsterdam (NL)
April 2018
Solo Exhibition Part of SMIB WORLD KAF Almere (NL)
November, 2017
Groupshow KOP
Stedelijk Museum Breda (NL) December, 2017
Chile, Atacama desert ( April 2022)
Organised by Lawayaka Current

Barcelona, Spain (August 2022)
Organised by RARO Barcelona @Souvenir Gallery

Paris, France (September 2022)
At Open Bach Gallery, organised by European Programme.

Workshops for Lukida (2021 - Now)
Facilitating workshops in animation, graffiti, collage and other media for kids ranging from 5 till 13 years old. 
Part of Zut Mon Sac collective (2020 - Now)
Together with 7 other other artists we started this creative workplace and together we organise autonomous art projects.
Part of Studio HØTMØT (July 2019 – 2021)
Together with 5 other artists we started a commercial studio focussing on huge video- mapping and animations.
Workshop Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam (June 2018)
Gave a workshop teaching people how to customize denim jackets or jeans.
DTP’er at Zout Media (February 2016 – August 2016)
Created corporate identities (logos, businesscards, patterns), design of websites.
Bachelor of Design
St Joost School of Art & Design (September 2016 - 2020)
RGO Middelharnis (August 2010 - June 2015)
Adobe Illustrator SKVR Rotterdam (2015)
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