Besides my own projects I also work as an allround freelance visual creative. Where my work could be used in different ways. Like illustrated merchandise for artists, murals for companies, animations for social media or poster designs for events.  Underneath you see a couple examples of recent work I made in assignment.
Blind wall for Stadsarchief Breda
April, 2023 
I was asked by Blind Walls Gallery and Stadsarchief Breda to create 8 window-stickers for the windows of Breda’s city archive. Inspired by the the thousands of documents, old photos, paintings, illustrations, maps etc, it was a pleasure to collage this abundance of visual material into (48 collages) an ode to the liveliness & craziness of the city by using photo’s of the annual carnaval, their funny/ eery masks, and photo-reportages about escaped circus animals wandering the city’s streets. 
Make sure to have a look at the permanent artworks at the Parade 10 in Breda, or find more information about the project here.
Illustrations for Cross Arts
Graphic Matters X Pop Monument
In November 2022 I made an artwork for the exhibition ‘Kloecke vrouwen’ by Pop Monument and Graphic Matters showcased at Stadsgalerij Breda. ‘Kloecke vrouwen’ is a pop-up portrait gallery with illustrations inspired on women that lived in the city of Breda between 1404 and 1620 (The Late Middle Ages)
While their men fought on the battlefield or ruled the land elsewhere, they had a big influence on the development of the city and the country. For my work I was inspired by Johanna van Polanen. When she was only 11 she got married with a rich man from the Nassau family. In these times marriages were a political and economic tool to gain wealth and power without using violence. Because the Nassau family was very powerful, the marriage made her more influential as well. She gave the orders to build a new church (which managed to realize with a sort of crowdfunding avant la lettre) introduced fashion trends (like jewelry, a covered chin and neck) and made beer-brewing in the city taxfree.
KOP X BWISE Mural Project
In January 2022 I made a series of six murals and four doors in the toilets and kitchen of a new incubator in Breda. This incubator mostly consists of starting companies and is initiated by B’WISE in collaboration with Gemeente Breda and Stichting KOP. 
Based on the companies who are gonna work here I started researching the relevant theme’s that are important for these start-ups. The theme’s I mostly found were: green energy (for example cars fueled by solar energy), the cloud (everything wireless), dreams about the future, connection: digital as well as real life, online visibility, social media and e-commerce. Next to this I tried to visualize the ambitious energy captivating this place, as a dynamic place where new ideas are born. 
Cover Art for Youngrubbi
In February 2023 I did the single artworks for Youngrubbi's songs called 'Gekken aan de knoppen' and 'Kunst van moord'  
Art direction 'Pixel Psycho'
In March 2022 I did the art direction for Youngrubbi's videoclip Pixel Psycho. With a focus on illustrating bookpages that tell the story of the video, camera work and playing a painting super villain.
 Cover, Backdrop & Merchandise 
Chaos Staat Me Goed EP 
In March 2022 I designed the artwork and matching longsleeve for Youngrubbi's EP called Chaos Staat Me Goed. The EP is available to listen on all streaming services and the shirt is for sale at all live-shows. You can find more information about these shows here.
Art Calender Zut Mon Sac 
Designed a page for our year calender, available to buy here.
Kunstloc Brabant
In December 2022 Kunstloc Brabant asked me to make an animation that visualizes the words of poet Corinne Heyrman and an illustration (with a subtile animation) that embodies the slogan 'Let art warm you up this winter'

Illustration for Kunstloc Brabant (December 2022)

Animation for Kunstloc Brabant (December 2022)

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